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SongOba Asa Sitinam

Oba Asa Sitinam Lyrics

Oba asa siti nam, mama mehe kiyannam

Mage hithe obata thiyena aaadare tharam…

Apara maha saagare

Apaara maha saagare negena reli tharam

Obata thiyena aadare, priye e tharam…

Aparimaana ambare..

Aparimaana ambare dilena tharu tharam

Oba thiyena aadare , priye e tharam

Wananthare niranthare

Wananthare niranthare, pipena mal tharam

Obata thiyena aadare, priye e tharam

Sri Lankan Sinhala Song Music and Lyrics. Oba Asa Sitinam lyrics in english transliteration.

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